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Dr. Jennifer Lurgio, A.P.N. | Crestwood Medical Health Doctor

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Jennifer Lurgio, MSN, A.P.N./C.N.P., NP-C
“My goal is to decrease pain and improve function so people can stay active and healthy for as long as possible.”

Jennifer received Bachelors’ degrees in biology and nursing from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and worked as a nurse at Rush University Medical Center for 14 years on an adult and geriatric physical medicine and rehabilitation floor. The patient populations she has treated includes: orthopedic, neurology, medical-surgical, cardiac, oncology, and organ transplant patients, as well as any other patient requiring physical rehabilitation. During that time she received a Master’s degree in nursing in addition to a certification as an adult-geriatric primary care nurse practitioner. Jennifer is very interested in preventive and integrative medicine and finding the root cause of an illness. She continues to attend seminars on a regular basis to obtain a functional medicine certification. As an integrative medicine doctor here at Orland Park Integrated Health, she is excited to be involved in a practice that incorporates a holistic approach to managing pain. Jennifer received training in joint injections, including Hyalgan injections, for knee and shoulder osteoarthritis to reduce pain, improve function, and prevent surgery. She also has extensive training in trigger point injections/dry needling (from the Myopain Center), occipital nerve blocks, and sphenopalatine ganglion blocks used to treat complex pain, headaches, and trigeminal neuralgia, and has been doing these procedures for about four years. Jennifer is interested in using lifestyle modification such as nutrition therapy, exercise, stress management, weight loss, and smoking cessation to minimize pain and the use of medications.